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We are dedicated to providing safe, simple and effective solutions, which will help our clients with both short-and long-term goals. As an independent financial services firm, we are able to represent many leading financial services companies, providing the flexibility to help each of our clients achieve their goals and objectives.

For over 10 years, CasaSanta Financial’s mission has been to ensure you have the financial tools in place to build the retirement you deserve.

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About John CasaSanta

John CasaSanta

With over 21 years in the financial services industry, John, the founder of CasaSanta Financial Services, is dedicated to helping pre – and current retirees enjoy their golden years with financial peace of mind.

A 1979 graduate of Purdue University, John continues to pursue education to better support his clients, taking a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education courses every two years through the American College of Life Underwriters. These courses, along with networking with other successful advisors, provide him with a way to stay current with the latest strategies for helping clients throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia achieve their goals.

John has lived in Charlotte for 26 years and has been married to his wife, Marion, for 32 years. In his spare time, he enjoys volunteering at church, with the Knights of Columbus, and the Special Olympics. Volunteering grants John another opportunity with which to give back some of his time and talent.

Our Services

CasaSanta Financial Services is committed to the highest levels of service and integrity. Known for providing an uncompromising level of client care, our team values each of our clients and connects them with the right product to meet their specific needs. In turn, our clients appreciate the work we do in helping them explore and achieve their goals and aspirations, referring our services to friends and family. Create your Confidential Financial Portfolio Analysis

Fixed & Fixed Indexed Annuities

We protect your assets and provide a guaranteed lifetime income through the use of fixed and fixed indexed annuities.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is essential in each household. By ascertaining what is important to you, we match you with a leading life insurance company that fits the protection your family requires.

Health Insurance, Long-Term Care, Medicare Supplements

With extensive knowledge of the Affordable Health Care Act, our team provides health insurance/Medicare supplements through Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina.

Estate Documents

Our estate document program is offered through Legacy Estate Services, which allows families in North Carolina to receive all of the various estate documents at reduced rates. In addition, licensed North Carolina attorneys complete all documents.


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